92. Water
    1. "(I)t is within the power of the legislature to pass an act providing for the condemnation of land for the purpose of bringing water into cities and towns...."  Thorn v. Sweeney, 12 Nev 251, 255-256 (1877) (#8)
    2. A statute declaring that, subject to existing rights, the water of all sources of supply belongs to the public, does not take private property for public use without just compensation.  V.L. & S. Co. v. District Court, 42 Nev. 1 (1918) (#17)
    3. Estates In Land/Water Rights: A water right is a real property right subject to eminent domain condemnation.  Carson City v. Estate of Lompa, 88 Nev. 541, 501 P.2d 662 (1972) (#49)

    4. Water rights: Nevada will follow the majority and Ninth Circuit rule "that acquisition by condemnation of a fee interest in land include(s) all appurtenances despite the failure to expressly mention them in the condemnation declaration," including water rights. Dermody v. City of Reno, 113 Nev. 207, 212, 931 P.2d 1354 (1997)

    5. Water rights/Easements: Nevada will follow "the long-standing rule that '[w]here the fee simple absolute title to land has been acquired, the condemnor acquires all appurtenances thereto, buildings thereon, minerals lying beneath the surface, waters thereon, and easements as to which such land constitutes the dominant estate.'" (Id. at 212)

    6. Water rights: "Since appurtenant water rights are considered a separate property interest, we find that the word "interests" encompasses appurtenant water rights." (Id. at 212)