85. Utilities
    1. Valuation/Utilities: Valuing a utility is difficult since there is no established market, especially where it is losing money.  Stagecoach Util. v. Stagecoach Gen. Imp. Dist., 102 Nev. 363, 364, 724 P.2d 205 (1986) (#72)
    2. Valuation/Utilities: Although normally we determine the value of the property to the condemnee, not the condemnor, where a utility has been relieved of the burden of an unprofitable water system by condemnation, the court should look to the value that the utility has to the condemnor to arrive at a damage amount. Id. at 364. Accordingly, compensation "lies between an amount equal to the salvage value of the water system and an amount equivalent to the reproduction cost of the water system minus depreciation." Id. at 365 Plus interest from date of taking. Id. 366 (#72)