52. Trial de novo.
    a. "The lower court had before it the same evidence as // the board. Its function was not to conduct a trial de novo, but to ascertain as a matter of law if there was any substantial evidence before the board which would sustain the board's action. The function of this court at this time is the same as that of the lower court."
McKenzie v. Shelly, 77 Nev. 237, 240-241, 362 P.2d 268 (1961). No. 6.
    b. Court erred by conducting a trial de novo. "Its province was confined to a review of the record of evidence presented to the Clark County Board of Commissioners and the Planning Department, with its primary focus on the variance itself."
Clark Co. Bd. Comm'rs v. Taggart Constr., 96 Nev. 732, 734, 615 P.2d 965 (1980). No. 24.