82. Taxes
    1. The proscription against taking private property without just compensation does not apply to taxes.  Gibson v. Mason, 5 Nev. 283 (1869) (#2)
    2. "An owner who is dispossessed from his or her land when it is taken for public use is no longer obligated to pay taxes." Ergo, entitled to reimbursement for taxes paid after that time.  County of Clark v. Alper, 100 Nev. 382, 395, 685 P.2d 943 (1984) (#68)
    3. Taxes/Taking: "'To any extent that one man is compelled to pay in order to relieve others of a public burden properly resting upon them, his property is taken for private purposes...."  State v. Boyd, 27 Nev. 249, 256 (1903) (#13)
    4. Taxes/Taking/Mandamus: Mandamus will issue to require the county treasurer to place all moneys collected from city licenses in the city's general fund; a locality cannot be compelled to pay the debts of another, for this would be a taking of private property for public use without compensation. "'A state purpose must be accomplished by state taxation, a county purpose by county taxation,'" etc. Id. at 256-257 (#13)