46. Standing.
    a. "Lied stands for the general proposition that a property owner whose property does not abut upon the portion of the street to be vacated, does not have standing to challenge a procedurally correct vacation. However, an exception to the general rule is that any person, whether or not a landowner, has standing to challenge and obtain injunctive relief against a proposed vacation when he or she has suffered special or peculiar damage differing in kind from the general public. See, Teacher Bldg. Co. v. City of Las Vegas, 68 Nev. 307, 232 P.2d 119 (1951), and Blanding v. City of Las Vegas, 52 Nev. 52, 280 P. 644 (1929). Here, appellants have not shown such special or peculiar injury. The claim of special injury due to interference with property access and a diminution in property value through loss of business is not supported by case law. The vacation of a street requiring travel by a more circuitous route is not a special injury as long as the landowner still retains an alternate mode of egress from or ingress to his or her land, even if less convenient. Blanding v. City of Las Vegas, id."
L & T Corp. v. City of Henderson, 98 Nev. 501, 504, 654 P.2d 1015 (1982). No. 28.