70. Restrictive Covenants
    1. Estates In Land/Restrictive Covenants: A restrictive covenant is an interest in property requiring just compensation for its taking by eminent domain.  Meredith v. Washoe Co. Sch. Dist., 84 Nev. 15, 17, 435 P.2d 750 (1968) (#40)
    2. Estates In Land/Restrictive Covenants: "The measure of compensation is the value of the interest that is extinguished. But since the value of a restrictive covenant cannot be in the abstract, we must look at the market value of the dominant tenement before and after the taking. In substance, the value of the loss offset by the value of the benefits is the amount of compensation to be awarded. NRS 37.100." Id. at 19 (#40)