41. Restrictive covenants.
    a. "It is to be remembered that there are two basic devices for urban planning and development; community zoning and restrictive covenants among private individuals. The beneficial results of private land-use controls are readily apparent throughout the country and are not merely confined to residential subdivisions. Use of restrictions are encouraged by most planning agencies. Indeed, restrictive covenants are held to be superior to zoning laws which rest on police power."
Meredith v. Washoe Co. Sch. Dist., 84 Nev. 15, 19, 435 P.2d 750 (1968). No. 9.
    b. "A zoning ordinance cannot override privately-placed restrictions, and a trial court cannot be compelled to invalidate restrictive covenants merely because of a zoning change."
Western Land Co. v. Truskolaski, 88 Nev. 200, 206, 495 P.2d 624 (1972). No. 13.