62. Prospective Use
    1. Joinder/Prospective Use: "If the highest and best use of separate parcels would involve a prospective, integrated, unitary use, then such prospective use may be considered in fixing the value of the property condemned providing joinder of the parcels is reasonably practicable."  M & R Investment Co. v. State Dep't Transp., 103 Nev. 451, 455, 744 P.2d 531 (1987) (#73)
    2. Joinder/Prospective Use: "Hence, when valuating the condemned parcel as part of a large parcel or assemblage, the requisite unity of use may be merely prospective; whereas, when assessing severance damages to the remaining part of a large parcel, the requisite unity of use must be actual and present." Id. at 451 (#73)
    3. Valuation/Prospective Use: Evidence that a prospective buyer indicated interest in building specific enterprises, but became disenchanted upon learning of contemplated condemnation, is admissible to show a change in possible use of the property.  Dep't of Hwys. v. Haapanen, 84 Nev. 722, 734, 448 P.2d 703 (1968) (#45)