29. Pending.
    a. "In the facts of this case, we believe the district court correctly held that appellants had no vested right to application of sperseded zoning regulations [not yet formally abrogated], and that the ordinances in effect when the court ruled [pending at time of denial of permit by TRPA] were controlling."
Kings Castle v. Washoe Co. Bd. Comm'rs, 88 Nev. 557, 559, 502 P.2d 103 (1972). No. 14.
    b. "Although there exists a minority of authority to the contrary, administrative agencies may refuse to issue permits which conflict with pending zoning ordinances not yet in effect. If the aggrieved party had actual or constructive knowledge of the pending zoning change and there was in fact a new zoning ordinance pending that was likely to become effective in a relatively short period of time, the denial of permits authorizing a use not conforming to the pending zoning scheme is proper."
Williams v. Griffin, 91 Nev. 743, 745, 542 P.2d 732 (1975). No. 19.