47. More Necessary
    1. Public use/More necessary: "'(P)roperty of a private corporation devoted to a public use, although not clothed with a specific exemption from subsequent condemnation, cannot be taken to be used in the same manner for the same purpose by a different corporation, even by express enactment of the legislature.'"  NL Industries v. Eisenman Chemical Co., 98 Nev. 253, 258, 645 P.2d 976 (1982) (#66)
    2. Public use/More necessary: "NRS 37.030(3) permits condemnation of property already appropriated for public use if a more necessary public use is contemplated by the condemnor." Id. at 259 (#66)
    3. Public use/More necessary: Eminent domain may be exercised for mining purposes, even to the extent of condemning mineral deposits, but mining minerals is not a more necessary public use than holding them in reserve for future mining. (#66)