77. Statute of Limitations

    1. Nevada's six-month county claims statutes (NRS 244.245 and .250) cannot be constitutionally applied to a claim against the county for inverse condemnation. Alper v. Clark County, 93 Nev. 569, 571, 574 P.2d 810 (1977) (#52)
         a) self-executing constitutional rights cannot be abridged or impaired by statute. Id. at 572.
    2. "(W)e hold that the fifteen-year period provided in NRS 40.090 is the appropriate limitations period in 'takings' actions," at least where the taking entity has not paid the taxes.  White Pine Lumber v. City of Reno, 106 Nev. 778, 780, 801 P.2d 1370 (1990) (#78)
    3. Because the right of recovery grows out of title to property, or because "takings" claims are of a constitutional magnitude, in the absence of a specifically applicable statute of limitations, only the period required to obtain title by adverse possession may bar an inverse condemnation action. Id. at 779-780 (#78)