40. Larger Parcel
    1. Severance/Larger parcel: "The concept of large parcel is instrumental in determining both the value of the property condemned and whether severance damages are to be awarded in an eminent domain action."  M & R Investment Co. v. State Dep't Transp., 103 Nev. 449, 455, 744 P.2d 531 (1987) (#73)
    2. Severance/Larger parcel: "In order to show that a parcel condemned is part of a larger parcel, it is generally held that there must be unity of title, contiguity, and unity of use of the property." Id. at 449. Physical contiguity is not necessary "so long as the evidence discloses an actual and existing unity of use and purpose and an existing, lawful and utilized access between the parcels." Id. at 450 (#73)
    3. Severance/Larger parcel/Questions of Fact and Law: "Under the prevailing rule, identification of the larger tract is an issue of fact to be decided by the trier of fact." Id. at 450. Although "there may be instances wherein the facts are so compellingly clear that the issue becomes one of law for determination by the trial court." Id. at 450 (#73)