22. Judicial review. [See also Scope of review]
    a. "While the question of the necessity for closing a street or highway may belong exclusively to the legislative department of the government, still the question of public purpose or use remains subject to court review. As a rule, in such cases, the court will permit the defendants to make the issue and present evidence in support of it, unless it is manifest from the pleadings and proceedings that such closing is for the public interest. There are sufficient allegations in the complaint, if established by proof, to raise serious doubt as to whether // the vacation was for the public interest. This would not appear to be a case where it is manifest that a vacation is for the public interest."
Teacher Bldg. Co. v. Las Vegas, 68 Nev. 307, 323-324, 232 P.2d 119 (1951). No. 4.