35. Joinder
    1. Joinder/Burden: "The party urging (joinder) must lay a foundation showing some probability of joinder and carry the burden of proof. In laying such a foundation, elements affecting value which are possible, but not reasonably probable, should be excluded."  M & R Investment Co. v. State Dep't Transp., 103 Nev. 445, 452, 744 P.2d 531 (1987) (#73)
    2. Joinder/Factors: "Factors considered (in determining whether joinder would be reasonably practicable) include time and costs of uniting the land and willingness of other owners to participate in the assemblage." Id. at 452 (#73)
    3. Joinder/Prospective use: "If the highest and best use of separate parcels would involve a prospective, integrated, unitary use, then such prospective use may be considered in fixing the value of the property condemned providing joinder of the parcels is reasonably practicable." Id. at 451 (#73)
    4. Joinder/Prospective use: "Hence, when valuating the condemned parcel as part of a large parcel or assemblage, the requisite unity of use may be merely prospective; whereas, when assessing severance damages to the remaining part of a large parcel, the requisite unity of use must be actual and present." Id. at 451 (#73)
    5. Joinder/Questions of Fact and Law: "Whether the combination of two parcels is 'reasonably practicable' is clearly a question of fact for the jury." Id. at 452 (#73)
    6. Joinder/Severance: "(E)ven where severance damages to a remaining parcel may not be appropriate, the possibility of joinder may still be a proper consideration in the valuation of the property taken." Id. at 451 (#73)