30. Injunction
    1. A court may enjoin the opening of a road through private property where the injury to the land would be continuous and irreparable and where construction of the road would amount to a trespass.  Champion v. Sessions, 1 Nev. 478, 483-484 (1865) (#1)
    2. Injunction/Just Compensation: "The legislature has an undoubted right to confer upon the county commissioners the power to open roads whenever they may deem it necessary, upon a proper compensation being made to those whose property is taken for such purposes. But until such compensation is made, there is no power within the State which can legally appropriate the property of the citizen for such purposes, except in certain cases mentioned in section 8, article I. of the Constitution of the state."  Champion v. Sessions, 1 Nev. 478, 484 (1865) (#1)