25. Experts
    1. Expert testimony that fails to take into consideration a 20-year lease limiting rentals to $300/month does not render it incompetent, but lessens its weight.  State v. Shaddock, 75 Nev. 392, 396, 344 P.2d 191 (1959) (#29)
    2. "The methods used to evaluate the worth of condemned property are not highly regulated. It is a field dominated by expert opinion. Triers of fact should not be limited in their exposure to such expert opinion where such opinion may shed light on the true value of the condemned property."  City of Sparks v. Armstrong, 103 Nev. 619, 621, 748 P.2d 7 (1987) (#74)
    3. "A trial court is allowed wide discretion in passing on matters relating to expert testimony in these cases." citing Zillich, #42;  Wheeler v. State, Dep't Transportation, 105 Nev. 217, 218, 773 P.2d 728 (1989) (#77)