19. Date
    1. Valuation/Date: "The valuation date is the trial date."  County of Clark v. Bonanza No. 1, 96 Nev. 643, 653, n.8, 615 P.2d 939 (1980) (#64)
    2. Valuation/Date: "In formal condemnation proceedings, NRS 37.120(1)(b) places the burden on the government to move the case to trial within two years after the action is commenced. If it does not, and the delay is not primarily caused by the actions of the landowner, the government must account for the increased value of the property." This rule applies equally to claims for inverse condemnation!  County of Clark v. Alper, 100 Nev. 382, 391, 685 P.2d 943 (1984) (#68)
    3. Valuation/Date: "We hold that the county cannot delay formal eminent domain proceedings on the expectation that the landowner will file an action for inverse condemnation and thereby avoid its obligation to bring the matter to trial within two years." Id. at 391 (#68)