6. Appeal
    1. Where the State appeals an award as excessive, and where the State is already in possession, the court may require that the award be deposited, although a lesser amount has already been paid, and although the landowner may squander the money. State v. Second Judicial Dist. Ct., 75 Nev. 200, 204-205, 206, 337 P.2d 274 (1959) (#28)
         a) "Although compensation need not first be made, but need only be secured, payment should not be unduly delayed in those cases where the condemnee has already lost the possession and use of his property." Id. at 205 (#28)
         b) The State may have restitution of any amount determined to be excessive. Id. at 206 (#28)
    2. Appeal/Standard: "The district court's determination as to the fair market value of real property will not be disturbed on appeal if it is supported by substantial evidence." Halfon v. Title Ins. & Trust Co., 97 Nev. 421, 423, 424, 634 P.2d 660 (1981) (#65)
    3. Valuation/Appeal: Valuation of land taken in eminent domain, supported by substantial evidence, will not be disturbed on appeal. Dep't of Hwys. v. Wells Cargo, Inc., 82 Nev. 82, 85, 411 P.2d 120 (1966) (#37)