2. Amendments. [See also Variances]

    a. "The presumption of validity which attaches to local zoning enactments includes also amendments thereto which constitute rezoning."
McKenzie v. Shelly, 77 Nev. 237, 242, 362 P.2d 268 (1961). No. 6.

    b. "In the City of Reno zoning changes are effected by city ordinance enacted by the Reno City Council. A municipal ordinance may be either legislative or administrative."
Forman v. Eagle Thrifty Drugs & Markets, 89 Nev. 533, 537, 516 P.2d 1234 (1973). No. 16.

    c. "The law requires that zoning ordinances observe state and federal constitutional provisions and requirements including that of due process. State v. Hill, 59 Nev. 231, 90 P.2d 217 (1939). The governing body of a city has the power to change // land use classifications, but no such regulation may become effective until after notice and public hearing at which interested parties and citizens shall have an opportunity to be heard. Id. at 538-539.

d. "Other states have held that upon a zoning change, the failure to provide personal notice to an interested party is a violation of due process."
Bing Construction v. Douglas County, 107 Nev. 262, 266, 810 P.2d 768 (1991). No. 39.