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Some of the things you can do with the Nevada Index

Search Nevada Supreme Court cases  Use the only research index of Nevada Supreme Court decisions on homeowners' covenants, planning and zoning, and eminent domain.  See the best and the worst of Nevada Supreme Court decisions and cast your vote.
Give em hell  Speak to your elected representatives - city, county, state (executive, senate, assembly), and federal - or write a letter to the editor with a click of the mouse.
Information  Look up a word, look up anything, find the facts in the journalists' resources, find a newspaper, go to a library, search the national news archives, get the latest statistics, find a legal form, apply for a grant, and more at the Reference Desk, Part I.
Political action  Locate your local neighborhood association, find women's rights, civil rights, and other political action groups, research elections and campaigns and more at the Reference Desk, Part II.
Government and education  Find the information you need at your city, county, or state websites or at Nevada's universities, colleges, and research centers.
Government and education  Look up the status of a lawsuit or the calendar of the Eighth Judicial District Court, Clark County, Nevada.
Corporate records  Search corporate records on file with Nevada's Secretary of State.
Assessor and Recorder  Find your property - or anyone's - in the online files of the Clark County Assessor and Clark County Recorder.
Local agendas  Check the agendas of the Clark County Planning Commission, the Board of County Commissioners, and the Las Vegas City Council.
Nevada Legislature  Tap into the latest bills before the Nevada State Senate and Assembly - and tell your Senate and Assembly representatives what you think.
Find attorneys  Find an attorney in the Attorney Yellow Pages or Martindale Hubble, do it yourself with Nolo Press, or follow the latest scandal trial on Court TV.
Search  Find just about anything with the web's top search engines or locate someone at the Missing Persons Bureau.
Media  Find the latest news at Nevada media sites, write a letter to the editor, or search the local news archives for that long lost event.
File a complaint  File a complaint against a doctor, lawyer, judge, casino, business, contractor, politician, broker, abusive parent, cop, cabbie, pothole, foul odor, wild dog ...
Find it quick    Find it quick: Zip codes, postal rates, tax forms, census figures, etc.
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